Medios Acuosos 2016


The Medios Acuosos Competition is an annual national competition organised by The National Watercolour Museum “Alfredo Guati Rojo,” a beautiful place located in Mexico City, to encourage innovation and experimentation in watercolour painting, gouache, ink and watercolour mixed media. I was so glad to learn that my watercolour and ink painting “Día amarillo II” was granted the Second Prize! So here are some pictures of the exhibition. 🙂




“Paisaje Construido” Exhibition in the Embassy of Mexico in the Netherlands


The 2013 was a wonderful year for my painting! I had the opportunity to display the artwork I developed at the “BUITENWERKPLAATS artist residency” in the Gallery of the Embassy of Mexico in the Netherlands. I am very grateful to the Ambassador, the Cultural attaché and the staff, who made this possible and were also very kind and supportive.


¡El 2013 fue un año maravilloso para mi pintura! Tuve la oportunidad de exhibir la serie pictórica que desarrollé en la “Residencia artística de BUITENWERKPLAATS ” en la Galería de la Embajada de México en los Países Bajos. Estoy muy agradecida con el Embajador, la Agregada Cultural y el personal que hicieron esto posible, además por su amabilidad y apoyo.

Texto de sala

Gallery i

gallery ii

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